Mancano Law, PLLC recognizes that results count. Below is a small sample of matters in which Mr. Mancano has successfully represented clients. Many of his most successful representations, however, occur “behind the scenes” or outside the “public record.” Because he values his clients’ privacy and is professionally obliged to protect confidential client information, he cannot report on some of our most significant successes. 

Mancano Law, PLLC Notable Cases...

Owner of Personal Care Home Vindicated

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Mina Panah

Joseph Mancano represented the owner of a licensed personal care home charged by the Pennsylvania Attorney General with neglect of a care-dependent person, a felony offense in Pennsylvania.  The charges were brought when a resident of the home suffering from severe diabetes, developed diabetic ketoacidosis that resulted in the amputation of his leg.  The Attorney General alleged that the home’s owner failed to properly monitor the resident’s diabetes and afford appropriate medical care.  The home’s owner was a young wife and mother with no prior history of criminal behavior or regulatory violations.  A conviction would have meant a jail sentence, loss of license for the personal care home, and serious financial penalties.

Following an unprecedented three-day preliminary hearing, where the court allowed extensive cross-examination of government witnesses and presentation of defense evidence, the court dismissed the felony charges.  Immediately after the hearing, the Attorney General voluntarily dismissed the remaining misdemeanor offenses resulting in complete vindication for the home’s owner.

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