Mancano Law, PLLC recognizes that results count. Below is a small sample of matters in which Mr. Mancano has successfully represented clients. Many of his most successful representations, however, occur “behind the scenes” or outside the “public record.” Because he values his clients’ privacy and is professionally obliged to protect confidential client information, he cannot report on some of our most significant successes. 

Mancano Law, PLLC Notable Cases...

Felony Convictions Vacated in the Fat Leonard Navy Corruption Case

Joseph Mancano of Mancano Law, PLLC, and other defense counsel, successfully represented four Navy Officers targeted in the sprawling “Fat Leonard” criminal case, pushing the government to withdraw their felony convictions of a year ago. Mr. Mancano, who represented retired Navy Captain David Newland, the lead defendant in the case, joined with counsel for Mr. Newland’s co-defendants in raising numerous instances of serious government misconduct involving concealment of evidence, false testimony by the government’s lead case agent, intentional misrepresentations by the prosecutors and improper argument during the 4-month long trial in June 2022. The Court called the government’s misconduct “outrageous,” vacating the felony convictions of Captain Newland and three others.

Summarizing the case, Mr. Mancano said: “This is a case that should have never been brought. Captain Newland was a highly-decorated and respected Navy officer for 30 years who was falsely accused of criminal activity. The prosecution team hitched its wagon to Leonard Francis, an admitted forger, sex trafficker, liar and thief. He controlled and manipulated the government’s investigation and prosecution. The government intentionally ignored Leonard Francis’ lies and closed its eyes to extensive evidence that undermined his credibility. The government’s willingness to conceal evidence from the defense, lie about the sources of evidence, and promote false testimony and narratives in order to convict innocent men was shocking. Ultimately, the government was forced to admit that it had violated the defendants’ constitutional rights to a fair trial.”

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